Rest on Clouds: Buy CBD vape liquids

Combine your two favorite things – vaping and cannabis – with our line of CBD e-liquid vape juices! Now you can use 100% natural hemp extract for your electronic cigarette or a vape pen.

What is CBD?

There are more than 60 different compounds called cannabinoids found in hemp plants. The two most recognized and studied among them are CBD and THC. While the latter is responsible for getting high, CBD has a lot of medical benefits without being psychoactive.

Cannabinoids can:

  • stop nausea and vomiting
  • reduce seizures
  • prevent cancer cell growth
  • reduce inflammation
  • relieve pain
  • combat anxiety and depression
  • promote bone growth
  • lower blood sugar level
  • treat psoriasis
  • tranquilize

What is more, you get all of these benefits without any side effects! Chemical medication and painkillers can cause nausea, stomach pain, and constipation. Whereas, CBD gets rid of your discomfort without adding to it.

What is inside?

All CBD liquids for vape contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and hemp extract in various concentration from 50 mg to 500 mg to satisfy your needs and taste. Take notice, that cannabinoids extracts have a distinctive grassy taste which a lot of people describe as “earthy”. This is why some e-juices may also contain complimentary artificial flavors to mask the taste of hemp for those who don’t like it.

The effect of CBD is different on every person and every ailment. This is why CBD vape liquids come in different strengths. The more milligrams of cannabinoids it contains, the stronger the juice is. We recommend starting with the lowest concentration and work your way up until you feel comfortable. Again, CBD doesn’t have any side effects! It doesn’t get you high or cause drowsiness, so you can vape and go on with your daily routine.

Why You Should Use CBD e-liquid vape juice

Cannabinoids are not only for people who are sick and in need of treatment or pain relief. Latest scientific research shows that CDB is an excellent dietary supplement that promotes health and well-being, and protects from arthritis, colitis, diabetes, mental disorders as well as prevents such dangerous conditions as a heart attack, a stroke, and even cancer! Buy CBD vape liquids today and invest in your healthy future!

Where does your CBD vape e-liquid come from?

The CBD Bureau doesn’t sell synthetic CBD! All of our products are 100% natural. Vape liquids presented in our online store are made by Pharmahemp and Sensi Seeds. These companies do organic farming and use supercritical CO2 extraction to produce high-quality CBD oils. The hemp plants are cultivated without any pesticides or herbicides. They are carefully selected and harvested manually by farmers in Europe.

Buy the Best CBD Vape Liquids

Cannabinoids consumption has never been more convenient. Just fill up the tank of your favorite e-cigarette and vape away! No chemicals or side effects! It is absolutely legal to use CBD in the UK. Don’t hesitate, place your order today and start feeling the benefits tomorrow! If you need any additional information, contact us at (44) (0) 3302230198, and our customer service will answer all of your questions.

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CBD E-liquid (50-200mg)


This E-Liquid by Sensi Seeds,contains the same unique suspension, however this contains 200mg of CBD. This E-Liquid product is also produced from organically grown industrial hemp and has been manufactured to the same exacting specifications that Sensi Seeds applies to all of their products.

Sensi-Seeds CBD E-liquid (50mg)


Sensi Seeds E-Liquid, is a brilliant alternative to CBD oil, from an established, respected company, offering a unique suspension of 99% CBD. These E-Liquids are Sensi Seeds much anticipated addition to our range of premium products. The CBD contained in the E-Liquid, is produced from organically grown industrial hemp and has been manufactured to the same exacting specifications that Sensi Seeds always provide.