Pure and Safe CBD cream

Our CBD Cream contains only natural ingredients and are free from any impurities and artificial colors.

Our CBD creams have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure the highest quality,  testing and dermatologist testing. It is manufactured in the EU under certification.

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Cibdol Hydradol


Cibdol Hydradol moisturising cream is powerfully packed with CBD and other active ingredients to hydrate normal to dry skin.

Cibdol Soridol Cream


New Soridol cream by Cibdol supports the skin with CBD, contributing to normal cell growth. This unique liposomal formula is comprised of selected high-quality herbal ingredients, which spur the maturation of keratinocytes without the harshness of chemicals.

Cibdol Zemadol


Zemadol by Cibdol nourishes sensitive, dry and irritated skin prone to Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in the form of a robust cream. Since Eczema is different than other inflammatory skin reactions, Zemadol is formulated to combat the numerous triggers of this condition. Zemadol infuses pure CBD to encourage anti-inflammatory benefits and the proliferation of new, healthy skin cells.

LoveCBD Balm


Love CBD Balm comes from hemp organically grown and hand harvested in Slovenia.

Each 10 gram jar contains 100mg of CBD.
Each 30 gram jar contains 300mg of CBD.

This CBD balm does not contain toxins, parabens or any artificial dyes or scents.


Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Theobroma Cacao, Grape Seed Oil, Rosemary, Vanilla Planifolia.

All ingredients are organic