Jeanette LeachPippa

Good afternoon!

I wanted to give you some feedback about a product one of my dogs has been using since March.

Pippa is a border collie with very severe epilepsy. She is on a large amount of epilepsy drugs but even so was still having a high volume of seizures.

I started her on the 2.5% CBD oil in March and what a difference I have seen. Normally she has seizures every 8 weeks but after she started taking it she managed 4 and a half months.

Now although the seizures have fallen back in to the 8 weeks cycle they are so so much better.

When she started she would have 6 or 7 very very violent seizures. At which point I would give her diazepam to try calm them. Multiple seizures like that are very dangerous because they can cause organ failure and also risk her slipping in to a state where the seizures can’t be stopped.

Since she started taking the cbd oil she now just has one. I dont need to give her diazepam either. I give her an extra hit of the cbd and then that’s it! And that seizure will be much less severe.

It’s been life changing for her.

I had read that if the animal takes pheno barbital then cbd can cause the level of it in their blood to rocket which is dangerous. And that did happen, but that meant we had to lower the dose she was taking and it’s now fine.

So not only are her seizures better, I have been able to slightly reduce the dose of pheno barbital she is taking.

Another unexpected side effect is that she appears to have lost some weight and she was overweight.

Overall this has been astounding. My dogs are my life and I am so grateful that the cbd oil has improved her life so much.

So I just thought I’d give a big thank you!

Kind regards,