CBDex® E-Liquid Nirvana

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CBDex® E-Liquid Nirvana

CBDex® CBD E-Liquid Nirvana is a pure CBD e-liquid which induces a deep peace of mind and so-called‚ mental paradise. A long term use eases one’s mind.
CBDex® Liquid Nirvana contains cannabidiol extract which doesn’t make you feel high, is non-addictive and is legally harvested in the Czech Republic.

Our vaping e-liquids are 100% natural and safe to use. We don’t use propylene glycol in our products, instead we use propanediol which is a natural compound. CBDex® Liquids are primarily designed for use in e-cigarettes, but you may use them in your vaporizer, too. Cannabis and Shiva also contain cannabis-like flavour, without any actual THC.

There is no nicotine in CBDex® Liquids line, so vaping is not harmful in any way and natural compounds used in this product (propanediol and glycerin) metabolize in our system and are then eliminated from the body. Inhaled aerosol was tested by the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and was found perfectly safe.

How to use: Use this e-liquid with your e-cigarette or vaporizer and inhale.

Recommended daily allowance is 1 ml. Do not exceed the RDA!

Composition: Cannabidiol, Propanediol, Glycerine, Caramel

Notice: Natural product, DOES NOT CONTAIN NICOTINE. These products are a food supplement and not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not use if under 18, pregnant or breast feeding. Always consult with your health care provider before making any medical decisions. Store in a dark place in temperatures under 25 °C.


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