500mg CBDex® Basic CBD oil (5%)



Innovative food supplement with 5% of pure hemp flower extract (500 mg of CBD) dissolved in neutral lipid base**, containing 0% of THC. Practical use of this odourless, tasteless and alcohol-free CBD oil is very comfortable as drops do not need to be washed down with water, and active substances are absorbed quickly and thoroughly.

5% in a 10 ml bottle equals 500 mg of CBD.

Unlike other companies, our oils are all lipid-based. This means they are taste and odorless, and have a long shelf life. After ingesting our lipid-based oils, you won’t be making faces! We hated the awful taste of CBD diluted in hemp oil, that’s why we created these 100% natural, vegan, odourless and tasteless oils.

Cannabis sativa flower extract contained in this product is a CBD-rich hemp buds/flowers extract with low to none levels of other components such as THC or terpenes. We use a method of extraction and separation developed with the Czech Academy of Science resulting in 0% of THC in the final product. It’s perfectly safe and 100% legal to sell and use.

Amount of CBD in the extract 500 mg (10ml)
Aplication form Tincture
Daily dosage 1x daily 12 drops / 2x daily 6 drops


Active substances: Cannabis Sativa Flower Extract


Notice: Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing womenNatural product. Sediment or turbidity is not a sign of a defective product. Shake well before use. This product does not contain THC or another narcotic substances, and is alcohol-free. Keep away from children. Store in a dry place in temperatures below 25 °C and in a well-sealed package. Best before date may be found on the label.


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